Why for 54 Years Did No One Tell Me?

I read a great post by a friend of mine, Ransom Maggard, that should stir your heart to witness to your friends, your family, and to do something about those across the world who are lost without Christ and have no one to tell them.

“Why for fifty-four years of my life did no one tell me about Christ?”

This question was asked by a now fifty-eight year old Moroccan as I sat in a Starbucks in Washington, D.C.. He leaned over the table slightly and his still thickly accented English asked again, “Why for fifty-four years did I sit in darkness?”. I was in Washington tagging along with Aaron and we were meeting this Moroccan to talk to him about some of the work he did now on a Christian Arabic satellite program. As we sat together drinking our coffees (mine), espressos (his), or frappuccinos (Aaron’s) he gave us his testimony. When he came to America in June of 1998 he was living with an American family. He was a Muslim. They were Christians. During the month of Ramadan he would fast and pray five times a day. The Christians he lived with would say ”I respect you so I wont talk to you about religion.” Four years later after the Moroccan was saved, he confronted this man about his ”respect” and told him “You are not a good Christian. You never told me.” As I sat there listening to this man it became real to me something that I would say as I would travel and talk to people about missions; the reason they dont know is because we wont go. The reason this man had been in the U.S. for four years before he became a Christian was because for four years no one spoke to him about Christ-in a “Christian” nation! How much greater is the need in countries where there isnt really any Christian presence? I wonder how many Moroccans, how many Albanians, how many Sri Lankans, how many Americans could stand and point a finger at me and say “You are not a good Christian. You never told me.” Why did this Moroccan sit for fifty-four years in darkness? Because we didnt bring the gospel to him. In II Corinthians chapter four Paul is exhorting the church in verse one “Therefore seeing we have this ministry, (3.6-ministers of the new testament…that the spirit giveth life) as we have recieved mercy, we faint not;” Paul is saying “Keep at it!” He says why in verse three “But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:” He says “If we dont share the gospel, if we hide it away, the lost are the ones that suffer!”. As your read this today I hope you will ask yourself this question, the question I asked myself as I heard the Moroccan’s question in Starbucks: What will you do TODAY to bring the Gospel to someone who otherwise would never have it? Will they continue in darkness because of our inactivity? Or will we bring them the Gospel? Will our light be hid to them that are lost?


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