Welcome James Wilson to Church Membership!

Today was an exciting day at Northwest Baptist Church for many reasons, not least of which was having James Wilson officially joining our church membership.  James first came to our church over three years ago but started coming very faithfully in January 2011.  He was saved and baptised as a young man and was attending another church, but he started coming to our church and getting involved.

Since James has come, he has gone through probably forty discipleship sessions covering Foundations 1, Foundations 2, and our Membership Class.  James has been a huge help as a volunteer, helping out the church website, youth work, and soundboard and audio/visual.  James also helped us to get on the radio with Drive 105.3 every week, and he edits and does the intro and outro for our Sunday Thought for the Day.  He has certainly already been a very active and vital part of our church, and I look forward to how God is going to continue using him.  Please let him know how excited we are about him taking this step of faith.


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