Update on Prayer Requests

I wanted to give an update on three prayer requests:

1) John Wilson.  I spoke with his wife Audrey today.  She said that they are going to do some chemotherapy for his lung cancer first before doing surgery.  Please continue to pray for both of them at this time.  If you would like to send them a card or take a meal by to them, please contact me for how to do that.

2) Lawrence Smyth.  He is doing much better and over the works of his heatstroke/sun burns.  Gail is still treating him with flamazine and bandages. 

3) Special Request for Yesterday.  Thank you for praying for the request that I mentioned yesterday.  We went to see two possible buildings for our church to meet in on a weekly basis.  Both are very nice buildings but may be a bit too small.  They did give us more insight into what is going in the real estate scene in the city and helped us to clarify our direction somewhat.

Thank you for continuing to pray.


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