Update from Bury, England

Just an update of what is going on here.  We have been having a wonderful time with Bible Baptist Church and the Watts family.  The Watts are tremendous hosts, letting us have the run of their house, while they stay at a hotel.  They are very committed people and fun to be around.  The people in the church are so sweet to give us lifts to various places and to bring food by each evening.  They are a great help with the children as well.

Yesterday was the first club, and we had a good time with the young people.  Today was the second day of the club and the attendance increased some.  Pray for God to work in the hearts of the young people and to use us here.

We also had the opportunity to go to the market, which is a famous market all over Britian.  It was a good time.  Also, we got to see our friends, Ian and Cythian Jamieson, from Blackpool.  Bro. Jamieson said he knows of 22 missionaries who are going home for good, some leaving churches without pastors!  Please pray for the situation here, for God to raise up men to preach, to pastor, and to plant churches.


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