Things have been a little bit crazy for us over the last couple of days. 

We had a great day on Sunday for Round Up Sunday.  We started our “Scarred” series with the first message on “The Wound of Abandonment”.  It was my first time to preach in blue jeans and a flannel shirt, which was my attempt at looking like a western cowboy.  We had 25 in the morning service and 29 in the afternoon for the BBQ and afternoon service.  We had tons of fun at Ness Woods, eating lots of great food, great fellowship, a game of football rounders, music, and a message from 2 Timothy 1.  By the way, I am amazed to say that my strawberry pie won first place in the pie-baking contest.  All I can say is, my mom has a good recipe and my wife gave me alot of help.  Just imagine how good it would have tasted if Teri had made it!

Teri woke up with a fever yesterday and it has lasted through tonight, so yesterday and today I have been cooking, cleaning, and feeding, walking, and caring for the kids.  By 7.00 this evening, I was absolutely shattered.  I do not know how my wife does it day in and day out, but I have got tons of respect for her.

I hope to be back in the office tomorrow.  We have got alot of exciting things going on in the next few weeks and months, so stay tuned!  By the way, check out the new website design and let me know what you think.  I worked on that today while feeding Darci her lunch, helping Grant with his mud pies, and making cups of soup for Teri.  (Not bad for a man who was not born with the ability to multi-task!)


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