Tuesday – Wednesday: Outreach Mission

I did not get a chance to post after our mission on Tuesday and Wednesday night, but the Lord blessed us with great services each night.  

On Tuesday, John Anderson preached a great message on the feeding of the 5,000 and the importance of multiplication which happens when we give what we have to the Lord.  We tried to do a skype interview with Kevin Hall in South Africa, but his internet was giving him problems.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed talking to Jeff Bush in Argentina.  It is so exciting what the Lord is doing down there in their ministry.  Bro. John preached another powerful message on “What Makes a Great Church.”  It takes strong churches to reach the world.

I was so happy with how God really spoke to us through our mission this year.  Thank you so much to those who came, and to the Bakers and Andersons who were such a blessing in the mission.  Please pray for each of these families as they work in the UK.


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