This Week at Northwest

Here is what is going on at Northwest Baptist Church this week:

Wednesday, 2 July (7.30 PM) – Midweek Prayer Meeting and Bible Study

Thursday, 3 July (7.30 PM) – Church Visitation

Friday, 4 July (7.30 PM) – Youth Club (11s and up)

  • Location:  The Junction (8 Bishop St)

Saturday, 5 July (11.00 AM) – Community Outreach

Saturday, 5 July (7.00 – 8.30 PM) – Creation Science Presentation

  • Location:  The Junction, 8 Bishop St, City Centre, Derry/Londonderry
  • Speaker: David Laverty, a member of our church.
  • He will be presenting scientific evidences that supports a young earth and the Biblical account of creation. 

Sunday, 6 July (11.30 AM) – “Good News for Kids”

  • Message on how to share the gospel with your children.
  • The last in our series on “Surviving Parenthood”

Sunday, 6 July (7.00 PM) – Guest Preacher: Evan Williams

  • Bro. Williams, his wife Carmen, and his children will be with us.
  • Evan and Carmen are missionaries that we support, who are on their way to Honduras as missionaries.
  • You will be great encouraged by the presentation and the preaching, I am sure.

Monday, 7 July (7.00 PM) – Ladies’ Meeting

  • Location: Everglades Hotel (Key Adams)
  • Topic: “Lessons from the Life of Eve”
  • Tea, coffee, fellowship, and Bible study!

Monday, 7 July (8-9 PM)  – Men’s Football

  • Location: St. Columb’s Leisure Center (Sythetic Pitch)
  • Cost: 2 pounds/person

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