The Week After

Yesterday was the week after we formally organised our church and ten people openly committed to joining Northwest Baptist Church.  As we learned last night from Nehemiah 2, when we decided to take a stand for God, commit to a church, and strive to “build the wall”, there will be opposition.  In Nehemiah we see the following kinds of opposition:

From without

  • Laugh and poke fun (2:19)
  • Mocking – saying it can’t be done (4:1-3)
  • Fighting (4:8)
  • Deception (6:1-4)
  • Intimidation (6:5-9)

From within

  • Laziness (3:5)
  • Excuses (4:10)
  • Sin (Chapter 5)
  • Compromise (6:10-14)

We did face some opposition this week from within and without of the church, but it is nice to know that “the God of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore, we his servants will arise and build…” (Neh 2:20).  This is His church.  This is His work, and He is going to do the work.

We had 24 in the morning service and a great time looking at “Your Child’s Greatest Need.”  The message was a help to me as I prepared and studied.  Several folks said it was a help to them as well.  We will have it up on the podcast soon for you to listen to.  In the evening, we look at “Formulating a Plan for World Evangelism” from Nehemiah 2.

Please continue to pray for David.  He was feeling much better last night, so hopefully the worst is past and his sickness is nothing major.


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