Sunday Report

We had a great day on Sunday at the church.  It was our Summer Celebration 4 Kids Graduation.  We presented each child who attended the Holiday Bible club with a certification, and then each of the three classes (Warriors – Ages 4-6, Cadets – Ages 7-10, and Captains – Ages 11-16) did a presentation for the whole church.  After the service, we had hot dogs and refreshments for everyone.  The Lord blessed with 36 people in attendance and 2 first-time visitors. 

We also are having a good time in our Sunday School and Bible classes on Sundays at 10.30 AM.  If you have not had a chance to come, join us this Sunday.  There is a class for young people 12 and under, and a class for teens and adults.  It is a good time to fellowship, grow, and encourage one another.


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