Sunday Report

I am really excited about the direction that our church is taking.  We have more and more volunteers who are really stepping up to help many of the responsibilities in the church, and it is a huge blessing.  Things run alot smoother on Sundays, and the buildings are looking better with each passing week.  We have more signs and banners directing people where to go, and we will be adding to the decorations.  All of the help that our volunteers do frees me up to focus on teaching and preaching on Sunday.  Thank you, volunteers, for all that you do.

We had a great morning service, with tremendous music, a special song and verse quotations from the children’s class, and one first-time visitor.  It was great to see our friend, local city councillour, Joe Miller, there again with a friend of his.  We had 22 in the morning service and 17 in the evening service.  We looked at “The Role of the Mother” in the morning and “Open the Book!” from Nehemiah 8 in the evening.

I also wanted to mention that last week we distributed literature to 952 homes.  Thank you to everybody who works so hard to help us get the gospel out.


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