Summer Celebration 4 Kids – Day 4

Things have been pretty busy, so I have not had a chance to post about how the Bible club finished up.  We had a great time on Friday with our highest attendance of 51 young people (ages 4-16)!  All week long, the young people recieved pounds (artificial, of course) and then could go “shopping” in the store on Friday for sweets, cokes, prizes, colouring bookes, etc.  We really had a great time together. 

It was encouraging to see several parents that came with their children and help out.  I was so proud of how hard all of the volunteers worked.  They did a tremendous job!  They are a great group of workers, and it is such a blessing to have such a great team.

Below you can see pictures from the week.  A special thank you to William for a good job on the photographs.  Tomorrow we have Bible club Graduation to which we have invited all of the children with their parents, family, and friends.  They will participate in a presentation with their class, receive a graduation certificate during the service, and join us for free hot dogs and refeshments afterward.


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