Summer Celebration 4 Kids – Day 3

We had quite a long, busy day today, but it was alot of fun.  38 young people came out for the Bible club today, with 8 workers, a mother, and a grandmother.  The topic of the day was about our offensive spiritual weapons – the Word of God and prayer.  Thank you to all of the workers who are doing such a good job.  I know you are tired, but tomorrow is the last day.  It is worth it all to see these young people learn more about Jesus Christ and His plan for their life.

We had a good evening service as well.  After the service, while we were having a cup of tea and setting up for a big day tomorrow at the Bible club, 5 of our neighbours stopped by the church building just to “see what was going on.”  It was nice to meet them, and hopefully the longer we are here the more visitors we will see come into the church.


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