Spiritual Growth in Five Chapters of Life

Morris Hunsucker emailed me the following, which I thought was very good.  It illustrates Ephesians 4:27, which tells us “neither give place to the devil.”

Chapter One

I walk down the street.I fall into a hole in the sidewalk.I did not see the hole.For a moment, I do not understand what happened to me.It takes forever for me to get out of the hole and get cleaned up.  Chapter TwoI walk down the street.I forget about the hole in the sidewalk.I fall into it again.I know what happened and I cannot believe I fell into the same hole.It takes me less time to get out and get cleaned up. Chapter Three

I walk down the street.I remember the hole.I carefully try to avoid it, but slip and fall in anyway.I am disgusted with myself and vow it will never happen again.I manage to get out and get cleaned up quickly.  Chapter Four I walk down the street.I see the hole.I stay far away from it and manage to avoid falling in.I am discouraged however, that it takes so much effort to stay away from the hole and to stay clean.I pray and ask God to keep me clean. Chapter FiveI walk down a different street.


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