Special Projects

A few people have asked for information about helping with special projects at the church. Here are a few things that we are praying about. If the Lord leads you to help out with, you can give via paypal or send a cheque to: Northwest Baptist Church, 15A The Diamond, Derry/Londonderry, BT48 6HW, Northern Ireland.

1. New Building Projectbuilding-fund-(final)





Northwest Baptist Church is a church plant that we started in 2007. The church was officially organised in 2008. In 2013, we turned the church over to a local pastor, James Wilson, who we helped to train for the ministry.

God has continued to bless the church with growth and many exciting opportunities. We believe that purchasing a building for the church will be of benefit in the following ways:

1) Help the church have a larger and more accessible place to meet. Currently the church meets up one flight of stairs which hinders some people from coming.

2) Help the church become fully indigenous (self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating) as the offerings will then be able to go more toward supporting a local pastor full-time.

3) Enable the church to do more to get the gospel out in a very needy part of the world. The church is strategically located to reach out to an immediate audience of around 75,000 people on the Cityside of Derry (Londonderry), as well as a further 161,000 people in County Donegal. There are few Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching churches in this northwest corner of Ireland.

4) Provide a permanent place of worship for generations to come.Derry city needs a church that will be a faithful lighthouse for the gospel for years to come. This building, though maybe only one of many as the church grows, will be the first permanent home for the church to worship and from which to sound out the gospel. It will help ensure the longevity and increase the impact of the church.

We are asking God to help us raise $91,000/£70,000 ($0,/£0, donated) This would be close to all of the money needed to purchase a building. The other funds needed would be given or paid for by the church itself through special donations and a mortgage.

2. Newspaper Advertisement

derry journal

A large percentage of our city rely on the local paper for much of their local news. We would like to place a regular or semi-regular advertisement. If you would like to sponsor one ad for £50 or make a regular donation to this, just let us know.

3. Every Home Tract Outreach – £600/$1000


Next spring/summer, we would like to distribute a gospel tract to every home in our city. We estimate it will cost £600 to print and deliver the leaflets.