Requirements for Bible Class & Sunday School Teachers

This autumn we will be starting some Adult and Teen Bible Classes as well as Sunday School for children.  Tonight in the volunteer meeting, we will be covering a list of things that we are looking for in those who will be our Bible Class and Sunday School Teachers.  Here is the list:

Requirements for Bible Class and Sunday School Teachers


A Sunday School Teacher should…


  1. Be sure of their salvation
  2. Be a baptized member of our church
  3. Be faithful to all the services of the church
  4. Be faithful to read their Bible, have their devotional time and prayer each day.
  5. Be faithful to tithe
  6. Promise to go out and visit and win souls each week. That includes visiting those who where absent from their class and all the visitors.
  7. Have a good attitude towards the work of the church and the pastor.
  8. Prepare well and before hand their Sunday School lesson.
  9. Be faithful to be discipled and then disciple others afterwards
  10. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the service and be ready to help and serve those who are arriving for the service.
  11. Attend the weekly volunteer meeting where we cover important topics pertaining to all our teachers and volunteers, as well as address questions that come up.
  12. Serve as a helper in a Sunday School class and then move up as they prove themselves.

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