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We are often asked what kind of church we are since today there are so many different kinds of churches.  Here is a basic outline of who we really are:

1.  We are a Christian church. We are followers of Jesus Christ and strive to follow the teachings of Jesus in the Bible.  We are a church for all people who want to follow Jesus and follow His Word.  We are not necessarily Protestant or Catholic, though we have people from Protestant, Catholic, and many other backgrounds who are a part of our church.  We celebrate the diversity in our church and value the contribution of each person who makes up the mosaic of the body of Christ.

2.  We are an independent Baptist Church. The head of our church is Christ, and we strive to make the Word of God the sole authority for our faith and practice.  As Baptists, we follow in the footsteps of Bible believers down through the centuries who have held to salvation by grace through faith and baptism by immersion after salvation with no merit for salvation.

3. We are a Bible preaching and teaching church. We take the Bible and study it verse by verse.  The Bible is alive and we allow the Bible to speak in a life-giving, exciting way that challenges the way we live, brings conviction, causes repentance toward God and causes men and women to be saved and to honour and glorify the great God of Heaven.

4.  We sing exciting soul-stirring hymns of the faith, choruses, and spiritual songs. We sing exciting but traditional music.  We worship and praise God with doctrinally sound words that clearly transmit the great messages of Scripture.

3.  We are a diverse and multicultural church where everyone is welcome. We are excited and thank God that we have had men and women of very different races, language groups, nationalities, and social levels come to our church.  God loves people from all over the world and so do we.  We strive to be people that truly love our neighbours who might be a different colour or ethnic group.  We celebrate the diversity of our cultures and find our unity in Christ.

4.  We strive to make our church an exciting and welcoming church.
We will do everything in our power to make you welcome and comfortable.  Our church will not, however, be very comfortable for the sinner or the person who desires to continue living as he or she wants.  At our church, we pray for the Holy Spirit to convict sinners of their sin, and we preach the gospel and our need for a Saviour.

We thank God for our church and hope you will visit.  If you visit with us, we will do our best to make you welcome.  We will be glad to see you, and we hope you will join us as we worship the great God of Heaven and magnify His Son Jesus Christ.

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  1. Rocky W Reply

    I came across your website while looking to see if anyone had posted a copy of Jim Schettler’s message “Seven Steps to Perfect Dating.” You did, thank you. Nice website, you might consider making the font size in the content sections a little larger. It looks like you really love people and love God’s Word! May The Lord bless your ministry there in Ireland.

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