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At Northwest Baptist Church, we want to help people people grow in their faith, and we have many ways that you can do that.  If you are interested in taking any of the next steps below, please fill out the form, and we will be in touch soon.

  1. Exploring Christianity – this is a six-lesson study that will answer basic questions about Christianity such as: who is Jesus, what is faith, what is repentance, what is sin, why should be believe on Christ, etc.
  2. Foundations Discipleship Course – meet on a regular basis with a person from the church who will take you through this basic discipleship course that covers topics like: salvation, baptism, church membership, service, Bible reading, prayer, etc.
  3. Baptism Course – this is a series of lessons as preparation to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism.
  4. Membership Course – this is a course designed to introduce you to our church and includes things like what we believe, our philosophy of ministry, why join a church, membership requirements and privileges, and how to join the church.
  5. Bible Institute – this is a weekly three-hour course that is designed to equip you for ministry.  The institute is open to anyone and there is no cost.  The courses are in-depth and provide you with deeper training for ministry inside the church and out in the community.
  6. Our Generation Training Centre – this is a full-time course of study that includes 16-18 hours of teaching each week, with hands-on ministry training, course assignments and projects, and is designed for those who want to go into full-time ministry.

Please contact us for more information.

Pastor James Wilson

02871 226164


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