Men's Camp

Ireland Christian Men’s Camp 2012

Wednesday evening –Saturday morning April 11-14

£60 per adult, £45 for under 14

Abraham is regarded as oneof the most influential people in all of history! Over 3 billion people in themodern world believe Abraham to be the “father” of their religion.Two branches of his family, the Jews and the Muslims, battle for his birthrightto this very day. But Abraham was more than just a patriarch – he was the friend of God!It is in THAT relationship that we as men will find answers for how to dealwith sin in our own lives, and just how to walk before God and become perfectin His sight!

MessagesYou’ll Hear…
Against All Hope – How to live by Faith!
Abraham’s Conversion – How Men Get Right With God!
Sarah’s Struggles – Understanding a Wife’s Struggle with Her Husband’s Lead
Isaac – A Son’s Great Faith
Becoming a Friend of God – How a Man Chooses between the World and His God
How to Handle the “Hagars” in Life
All of that plus some amazing singing, great cooking, sweet fellowship, strong-men contests and activities, as well as time for prayer, and just slowing down for a while!

Men You Will Meet…

The Ireland Christian Men’scamp attracts men young and old from all over Ireland,and the United Kingdom!

Pastors, Missionaries, Soul-Winners,Sunday School Teachers, Song Leaders, Husbands, Dads, Teens and Boys… allgather together to get transformed by the strong preaching of Biblical truthsacross just three days away in Co. Waterford!

ChangesYou’ll Make…
In how you treat your wife
You will live differently at home from this weekend on!
You will learn to trust God beyond your own understanding
How you pray and read your Bible won’t be just a duty or exercise anymore
You will come away encouraged that God can STILL make all things work together for good in your life

Here’s How to Sign-Up…

Our annual Men’sTraining Camp will be held in Mount Melleray Scout Activity and SportCentre, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford, is a Men’s spiritual get-awaylike no other! The cost is €75 peradult, €55 for under 14. This Men’s Camp is open to allmen and their sons from age 6 upwards. You need to tell your pastor that youare planning to come, and prepay €20 to book your place. The balance isdue on arrival!


Wednesday evening thruSaturday morning, April 11-14, 2012!


Contact: Craig Ledbetter Tel: 087-276-6764

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig

Email: Web:



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