Holiday Bible Club Starting on Tuesday

Our holiday Bible club is starting on Tuesday, 5 August, at 2.00 PM and will run from 2-4 PM Tuesday through Friday.  We passed out quite a few flyers today, and we are looking forward to a great time.  The theme is the “Lord’s Army”.  It is for ages 4-16.  You can find out more details here.

A number of people have volunteered to help, and I am so grateful for your commitment.  You are interested in helping, here are some ways you can be involved:

  • Bring biscuits and juice for Tuesday through Friday.
  • Pick up pizza for kids on last night or provide the money for a pizza. (£6/pizza)
  • To bring in prizes for the store on Friday: Cans of coke, Bags of crips, Cheap toys, Chocolate bars, Crafts, Coloring books, Crayons, Kites, Footballs
  • Greeters and ushers to show kids where to go as bus arrives
  • Help take photographs of each class each day – keep dates and classes marked
  • Help develop photographs of classes
  • Get decorations for the church: posters, flags, camouflage

If you have questions or would like to help, just phone us at 028 7122 6164.


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