Guest Speaker & Baptism

On Sunday the 20th August we are blessed to have Chris Waye as our guest speaker. Chris is a church planting missionary to the UK.

Chris will be preaching at our 11am Worship Service.

There will be free tea and coffee after the services and great fellowship, please make plans to join us, why not invite a friend to come along.



It was through the bus ministry of my local church that I was first introduced to the Gospel, and at the age of twelve I accepted Christ as my Saviour. Through this same church, I began to grow as a Christian, was trained for the ministry by the pastoral leadership, and am now being sent out as a church-planting missionary to the British Isles.

More info & WEBSITE click here

Also directly after the service we will also have the pleasure of witnessing the very important sight of believers baptism, this is a very exciting time for our church, we would love to share that JOY with you!

You are also welcome to join us, this should take place around 12:10pm!


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