Good News from Project North Africa

I was encouraged to hear the following from Bro. Aaron and the Project North Africa Team.  Please continue to pray for the work there.

At our church in North Africa where our teammate Abdel Salam is preaching all the Sunday and Wednesday services we had a new record last Sunday: Two North African ladies in attendance! That seems pretty pathetic, I realize, but many new house churches in North Africa are mostly men. I know one house church made up of about 8 single men and NO women. If you remember Zuhera, she was the first Muslim lady to come to our church after we had been going only about three weeks. She has been coming all the time but has not yet accepted Christ. Well, she brought a visitor last Sunday and that made two ladies! The other is still a Muslim as well but we are praying for them both and I want to ask you to do the same. Women in Islam are property. They are owned by their fathers until the time they are married and become the property of their husband. They rarely think for themselves. Blind obedience is encouraged, questions are forbidden.


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