Fellowship Meeting

We had a great day today at the fellowship meeting we went to in Mullingar.  10 of us drove the 3 hours down and the 3 hours back.  We left our house at 6 AM, so it was a real early start.  It was great to see so many pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers there from all over the island.  Bro. Gene McKinley and his church hosted the meeting and did a great job.  We were encouraged, uplifted, and challenged by the men, the messages, and the testimonies.  Thanks for praying for our journey. 

We need more labourers here in this country, but I can’t help think about countries like Morocco, China, and India were there are probably not enough Independent Baptist pastors/missionaries to even have a fellowship meeting.  We need to pray for labourers and do our part to train men to go into all the world.


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