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  1. cathy Reply

    I am looking for some booklets originally printed by Mr. W. E. Allen revival movement & every home crusade. I need the booklets: How to promote a Revival – c. Finney; Revival lectures – c, Finney There is an old address on the back of the booklets: 43 Oakland ave. Belfast 4, N. Ireland. Would this still be current to order tracts? Thank-you for your time. Cathy in Prince Rupert BC Canada

  2. Rebecca Reply

    My name is Rebecca Morris. I am from America. I have been in much prayer for our nation and for the nation of Ireland. I am planning on making a trip to Ireland but do not know the area well. I would like to get in contact with churches or the locals to join in the effort to pray over this nation. I am not planning to visit for vacation purposes but to begin interceding for this nation. I would like to meet with other like minded believers so that I can begin making plans to join with them. Who would I talk to and how do I get a hold of them?
    Thank You,
    Rebecca Morris

  3. Benjamin K. Reply

    Greetings dear pastor!
    I am pastor Benjamin Kifuabala, presently leading a church called Center of Abundant Grace based in South Africa.
    A friend of mine that I am studying with at Christ Baptist Seminary gave me free brochures of your organization but they are in french.
    I would like to know if you have these brochures in English that can help our young congragation.
    The one I have is on ‘Forgiveness of sins and assurance of peace with God’ (french version).
    If you have free brochures that can help the church in general and particularly new converts we will like to know how we can get them.
    Thank you.

    • James Wilson Reply

      Hi Benjamin, I’m sorry but we do not have any more brochures that you requested. God bless!

  4. Samir Reply

    I am Samir from Morocco, I had met Pastor Travis Snode in 2008, I just ask if he is still in the Church and hope to be in touch with him.

    I am Christian but not have a church.

    Thank you.

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