Community Outreach


The church was started by Jesus.  Jesus told the church to “Go and preach the gospel to every creature.”  This is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.  Every 1st & 3rd  Saturdays of the month, we set aside a special time to work at being obedient to Christ’s command and to share the love of Christ with others in our city.


1st Saturday is tea & coffee outreach (Apr-Oct) – Letterbox outreach (Nov-Mar).

3rd Saturday is community outreach giving tracts out in the street.

Join us this week for our Great Commission Saturday.


What is it? An opportunity for involvement in the very purpose for which the church was started.  A place to use your unique abilities to meet and talk with people, to write letters, to make phone calls, to work on reaching out to those who need Christ’s love.

Who is it for? Anyone who has a desire to be involved.  Young and old alike.  Families and single people.  We have a place for everyone to be involved.

What time does it meet? Every 1st & 3rd  Saturdays of the month at 12.00 PM at Northwest Baptist Church. (tea & coffee outreach @ 2.30pm Apr-Oct)

What will we do? We meet at the church for prayer and a short challenge from God’s Word.  Then we go out into our community for about an hour doing something like visiting, passing out tracts, making phone calls, writing letters, or doing some random act of kindness to show Christ’s love in a practical way.  We will be working both at the church and in the community.

This is what we will be doing at the church.

  • Prepare leaflets for the next Saturday outreach.
  • Prepare other tracts and material.
  • Send condolences to those who have had a death in the family.
  • Send congratulations to those who have had a birth or wedding in the family.
  • Send information to new move-ins.
  • Write letters and make phone calls to absentees.
  • Send text messages, write emails, and do facebook.

This is what we will be doing in the community.

  • Knock doors and share the gospel.
  • Put leaflets in letterboxes.
  • Do regular visits to attenders and contacts and set up Bible studies.
  • Visit shut-ins in the hospital, nursing homes, and private homes.
  • Visit people who have recently moved into the area.
  • Do street evangelism.
  • Do servant evangelism.
  • Do seasonal outreach.

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