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Update on Bro. Aaron

Here is the latest news on Bro. Aaron’s health.  Thanks for continuing to pray for him. Had another surgery today in Cincinnati U. Hospital. This time they found that my bronchial tube was partially collapsed and the scar tissue had grown back but not as much as before. So they cut it out, again, and

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Update on Ashleigh Wickens

Here is an update I got yesterday from Bro. Martin.  Praise the Lord that she is doing better. Thanks to every one who prayed. Ashleigh has come home and seems to be doing well. She has some medication to take if she has trouble breathing again but hopefully that will not be necessary.

Pray for John & Sara Anderson

I would like to ask you to pray for some friends of ours, John and Sara Anderson, who are coming to the UK shortly as church-planting missionaries.  Teri and I went to Crown College with them.  We developed a good friendship there and are excited that they are coming over to the UK to do the work

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Pray for Wesley Crawford

Please pray for a pastor friend of mine, Welsey Crawford, who pastors a Baptist church in Poyntzpass.  He has been in hospital for the past three weeks with Meningitis.  I just spoke with his wife, Helen, today on the phone.  Please pray for God to raise him back up to full strength and health.

Update from Aaron

Here is an update from Bro. Aaron.  Please be much in prayer for him.  I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for him.  His attitude in all of this is a great example to all of us. Thanks to everyone for praying for me. I was checked into the hospital on Friday and here

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A Special Matter of Prayer

Please make this request from our friend, Bro. Aaron, a special matter of prayer. No need for alarm but I do want to ask you all to be praying today. I have had a fever since Wednesday and had some tests run today. Doc says I have an infection OUTSIDE of my lung where they

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Update on Prayer Requests

I wanted to give an update on three prayer requests: 1) John Wilson.  I spoke with his wife Audrey today.  She said that they are going to do some chemotherapy for his lung cancer first before doing surgery.  Please continue to pray for both of them at this time.  If you would like to send

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