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Is There Really a God? (Part 1)

(Taken from “God’s Answers to Man’s Questions”) We are constantly challenged by atheists, sceptics, and hecklers to prove that there is a God.  It is difficult for natural man to believe in something that he cannot see, touch, or feel (1 Cor. 2:14). The problem for a Christian is solved with the first verse of

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Sowing the Seed

This week we have given out a total of about 850 invitations to the church.  Today, we did 150 new letterboxes on the cityside.  In the afternoon, for our servant evanelism in the city centre, we gave out 132 free sweetie bags with a sweets, toys, a gospel tract, and an invitation to the church. 

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We had a good time doing outreach.  17 people were out to help us do 242 new doors.  Thanks everyone. T-ogether E-veryone A-chieves M-ore