Building Dedication Day

Sunday will be a special day for us as we officially dedicate our new building to the Lord with praise, worship, prayer, and a message from God’s Word.  There will be some extra music and prayer in the morning service.  On Sunday night we will observe the Lord’s Supper together.  God has been so good to give us such an amazing facility.

Benefits of Our New Building

  • Central location in the city centre
  • More visible presence in the community. Many people pass the church building ever day and often we have people call in to see what is going on.
  • Proper church building.  We know that the Bible teaches that a church is the people not a building, but having a building gives people a place to identify with where a congregation meets and a base from which to train and send out the church into the world.
  • More space.  The building we are in gives us more space for storage, office work, and children’s work, as well as a good size meeting room that could hold up to 80 people.  A building is a tool that should help to further the ministery of a church rather than hinder it, and this building is definitely doing that for us.

History of the Building

  • In 1898, a group of Baptist people were meeting together and the building we are in was build as a church building for them.  The Baptist Church met in the building until 1993, when they sold the building to move to another location.
  • Following the sale, the building was used by a community group and then left unused for a while.  Last year, the building was sold and then put up for rent.  We found out about the building, and began to meet there from Thursday, 31 July.
  • It is amazig that of all the buildings we could have rented, the Lord gave us the very one where a Baptist church used to meet.

Come Visit Us

If you have not been out to our new church building, come along this Sunday at 11.30 AM or 7.00 PM to 10 Fountain Street, City Centre, BT48 6QX.  The church is just off Carlisle Rd before you enter Ferryquay Gate.  You can find directions here.


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