Bible Study @ Home


At Northwest Baptist Church, we want to help people people grow in their faith, and we have many ways that you can do that.  We also recognise that it can be daunting attending a new church, with new people, so we also offer home bible studies or bible studies at the church location outside of normal services times. The studies will always be conducted by two adults, mainly for safeguarding purposes only.

Here are some of the course we offer, although we would be happy to come and discuss any subject.

  1. Discovering Christianity – John and Romans contains ten studies on questions such as ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘What is Sin?’, ‘What is the Gospel?’ It is designed to take you through the Gospel of John and the Epistle of Romans in ten weeks.
  2. Foundations Discipleship Course – meet on a regular basis and take you through this basic discipleship course that covers topics like: salvation, baptism, church membership, service, Bible reading, prayer, etc.


If you are interested in taking any of the next steps above, please feel free to contact us anytime, and we will be in touch soon.