Back from England

We had a great time on our trip to Bury, England to help Bible Baptist Church with their Bible club.  The church is about 30 years old and is an independent Baptist church just north of Manchester, England, in a city of 180,000 people.  The Bible club was Tuesday through Friday from 10-12 in the morning.  Our team led the club in teaching, music, and directing the club, but we worked closely with Pastor Simon Watts and the workers there, who did a great job decorating, serving, and helping.

The theme and schedule was pretty much a duplicate of what we did in our church.  We hope to make this a yearly outreach, where we take a team from our church and any other churches who are interested to help another church grow through their Bible club.

The Watts and all the people at the church were such a blessing, giving us a place to stay, providing meals for us, giving us a very generous love offering toward our airfare, taking us to see some of the sights.  It was a very fun trip, and we are so grateful for their hospitality.

On our way back yesterday, Martin Wickens collected us again from the airport, and we enjoy a good time of fellowship with them and Pastor Tom Dotson, who is over preaching at Faith Baptist Church.   Thank you so much for your hospitality and help with our trip.


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