A Woman's Work

Today was very unique day for me because Teri left the house at 7.30 AM to go to a ladies conference in Portadown at Lighthouse Baptist church.  I was soley responsible for our two children.  Teri does such a great job with them, and occasionally I will watch them by myself for a few hours, but rarely do I have them all day.  We had a wonderful time together, though I will have to say that I gained a greater appreciate for all that women and mothers do.  I was able to make some basic meals done, clean the house, bath the children, chage the nappies, etc., but that was all.  Teri can do all that and cook amazing meals, work on her computer, make phone calls, run errands, help me in the office, do the laundry and a thousand other things she does all day long!  I do not know how she does it, but I praise God for her.  I look forward to her being back, and I am sure that Grant and Darci feel the same way.


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