A Very Refreshing Time

Teri and I left our children off with two families on Sunday night, and was have spent the last couple days together as a couple.  We are in Enniskillen right now and will be home tomorrow.  We have really enjoyed relaxing, talking, and being together as a couple.  God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, and I really enjoy being with her.  We are looking forward to seeing our kids tomorrow and to getting back into the work of the ministry, but it has been great to come apart for some refreshment.

For all of you husbands, let me encourage you to take you wife away for some time alone with you.  She needs a break from the kids, and you need to get away from your work to focus on her.  Just book a child-minder, spend some money on lodging and meals, and do it for the sake of your marriage!  It will be well worth the investment, and your wife will really appreciate it. 

I look forward to preaching tomorrow night.  We will be looking at “Praise and Thanksgiving” from Nehemiah 12, God willing.


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