A Special Matter of Prayer

Please make this request from our friend, Bro. Aaron, a special matter of prayer.

No need for alarm but I do want to ask you all to be praying today. I have had a fever since Wednesday and had some tests run today. Doc says I have an infection OUTSIDE of my lung where they had performed the surgery last month. So I am being admitted to the hospital in about an hour. I don’t know exactly what they’ll do but we’ll see. We are trusting our Father as we always can.

Please pray most specifically that this problem will have a very quick solution. We are supposed to fly out next weekend to go back to Morocco. It would be quite a hassle and possible a great expense to have to move those tickets back. Besides that, I have been here waaaay to long and want to return to our field with all my heart. Please talk to God about that with me.


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