A God-Blessed Day

We had some pretty amazing things happen today:

  • Several of our young people have really stepped up to help with the set up/take down at the hotel, which is a huge help.  Everything we have is portable so it requires alot of work to get everything clean and set up for church.
  • After the morning service, we had the opportunity to pass out 220 free water bottles and leaflets to some of the 3500 ladies who assembled at our hotel this morning for the Foyle Hospice Run fundraiser.  We only found out about the run on Friday, but the timing was perfect.  We were able to finish the service, get set up, and give out the water just before the run left from the hotel where we meet!  We met a couple of people who were interested in coming to the church.
  • There was a good spirit and great liberty in the service.  I really enjoyed preaching, and I hope that the message on “Teaching Your Child Wisdom” this morning and “How to Handle Opposition” from Nehemiah 4 this evening were a help.  You can get the messages on our podcast soon, if you were unable to attend.

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