Radio Thought for the Day: Breaking Up – Easier to Do?

Breaking up may have just gotten a little less hard to do in China.  Thanks to a new hire service, people stuck in an unhappy relationship can hire a “break-up artist” to deliver the bad news to their other half, thereby avoiding the awkward moment entirely.

Mr Ge Bangsham is a renowned break up artist working in China who advertises his services via a popular online website. For a very reasonable fee of just 100 Yuan (£10) he will break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend on your behalf. He even offers extra services to smooth over the post-breakup period. For an additional fee Mr Ge will ensure that your ex doesn’t try to stalk you, threaten suicide or generally harass you after the deed has been done, leaving you free to get on with your life.

With more and more marriages, friendships, and relationships breaking up, maybe we should spend more time trying to make up rather than break up.  One key to healthy relationships is to build them on giving rather than getting.  Two selfish people will make for a very unhappy relationship.  If you are in a friendship or a marriage for what you can get out of it instead of what you can give, you are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

The Bible teaches in 1 Corinthians that “the husband [should] render unto the wife due benevolence [or goodness] : and likewise also the wife unto the husband.”  Here the purpose of marriage is to meet the needs of the other person.  Jesus is the model for all of us because he “gave Himself for us” and put our needs before His own.

Maybe you are about to give up on your marriage, friendship, or other relationship.  Maybe you think it would be nice to hire a “break up artist” like Mr Ge from China to help you break the news.  There is no guarantee that your next relationship will be any better.  Could it be that you need to begin doing more investing in rather than expecting from your relationship, so you won’t have to face the pain of breaking up?


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