Luke 11.24-36 – What Does Jesus Say Today To All Mankind?

This message was preached on 2nd April 2017 at Northwest Baptist Church’s AM service by James Wilson(James was born in Letterkenny, Donegal.  He spent much of his childhood years in Corby, England but has lived here in the city(Derry) since 2004, James was trained for the ministry in the Northwest Baptist Bible Institute and worked as an assistant in the church for over a year before becoming pastor of the church in the summer of 2013.  James has a real heart for people and a vision for our city and for the whole world. James also has keen interest to simply study bible. Now you can join US at Northwest Baptist Church, Derry, N. Ireland.

The text for the message comes from Luke 11.24-36, at Northwest Baptist Church we firmly believe that we need all of the Word of God, we believe strongly that we ought to always teach and preach verse by verse, book by book, God gave us the text in that format, we would also encourage you, to read the text in that systematic way, where possible try and complete a book in one sitting. 

If you would like to speak to James, about the subject matter of the sermon or if you would be interested in a home bible study, please feel free to contact via Tel: 02871226164 or email:


There Must be a DAY/Time when YOU heard the WORD of GOD & it made YOU repent

B/c YOU knew Judgement was COMING.

YOU knew it was not YOUR repentance alone that SAVED YOU but FAITH in JESUS

There MUST be a DAY/TIME YOU knew it WAS all JESUS, not pastor, preacher, priest or church!

Jesus! There must be a day/time YOU trusted, accepted, received that awareness that Jesus…. Is all YOU EVER will need! Today & forever!

Jesus was making a serious point about people’s spiritual destiny—they must make a decision about Him

Is that YOU this Morning? B/c Today is that DAY!

God wants YOU & I to know this morning “HOW” important the WORD of GOD is to our Well being

NOTHING is more important YOU & I, Than daily reading, mediating & living OUT God’s WORD

God is saying this is not about obeying RULES, it is YOUR LIFE, its YOUR Light, its skip in Your step

God is not saying clean YOURSELF UP, HE’s saying EMBRACE & Fall in LOVE with THE WORD

Why? B/c it will naturally effect & attract others!

Make time to READ & study GOD’s Word! Pray!

Challenge YOURSELF! Have YOU ever READ whole Bible? Cover to Cover? [10 chapters a day 6 months’s]

Holy SPIRIT wants YOU & I to know, its TIME now to embrace GOD’s WORD DEEPLY!

Let it pour out of YOUR pours, let it be YOUR moisturiser! Let it be YOUR DEEP HEAT!

Jesus says the ROOT ISSUE for most people is the LACK of GOD’s Word, taking ROOT!

All mankind, SAVED or UNSAVED…have.. a TENDENCY to think I’ll be OK

I don’t need GOD’s Word, I don’t need help TODAY, I’ll catch UP….Tomorrow!

Whereas JESUS told US, WE cannot LIVE but by every…Word that proceeds MOUTH of GOD!

The REASON this passage is HERE is to remind US, how important God’s Word is too repentance!

This PASSAGE is designed to SHAKE US up, challenge US to see HOW HIGHLY WE respect…

God’s WORD! Are WE doing the basic DUTY Of a bible believing Christian?

Which is a Biblereading” Christian? Is that YOU & I this morning?…& BIG challenge to all OUR…. HEARTS this MORNING is DO WE KEEP it!

If the Lord has spoken to your heart please speak to someone or to the Lord yourself!

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