Luke 11.14-23 – What Has Jesus Brought To This World


This message was preached on 26th March 2017 at Northwest Baptist Church’s AM service by James Wilson(James was born in Letterkenny, Donegal.  He spent much of his childhood years in Corby, England but has lived here in the city(Derry) since 2004, James was trained for the ministry in the Northwest Baptist Bible Institute and worked as an assistant in the church for over a year before becoming pastor of the church in the summer of 2013.  James has a real heart for people and a vision for our city and for the whole world. James also has keen interest to simply study bible. Now you can join US at Northwest Baptist Church, Derry, N. Ireland.
The text for the message comes from Luke 11.14-23, at Northwest Baptist Church we firmly believe that we need all of the Word of God, we believe strongly that we ought to always teach and preach verse by verse, book by book, God gave us the text in that format, we would also encourage you, to read the text in that systematic way, where possible try and complete a book in one sitting. 
If you would like to speak to James, about the subject matter of the sermon or if you would be interested in a home bible study, please feel free to contact via Tel: 02871226164 or email:


Often as YOU can imagine WE fail, because WE fail to make use of the victory Jesus provides.

This does not mean WE are perfect, But WE KNOW WE do have everything WE need to help US overcome

All those dark forces that otherwise overpower US.

There is NOW no power that can stop US growing in His Spirit, no POWER can Stop YOU & I growing in Grace

There is no POWER able to STOP US getting CLOSER to GOD, than WE are TODAY!

The point or application of this text is to MAKE sure WE KNOW for SURE our identity IS with the Stronger One!

The ONE who overran Satan. The WINNER/the Power/the Life

WHERE is the finger of God pointing YOUR LIFE this morning? Don’t wait for WRITING on WALL! Take ACTION!

This is another warning to religious leaders, its a warning to EVERYONE that hears WORD of God!

You cannot IGNORE the LIFE & Power of Jesus!

You must choose to follow HIM or Reject Him

Have YOU chosen to BELIEVE Christ or will YOU take YOU chances with the Devil!

I hope YOU will HEED the HOLY SPIRIT & run to CHRIST this TODAY!

Start a NEW LIFE of HOPE, I hope You will be a GIVER of LIFE, by His Holy Power living in YOU!

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