Saving Our Greatest Natural Resource

On the inside wall of the Epcot Centre in Florida is a famous statement by Walt Disney, “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”

There is nothing more incredible than watching children learn, play, and discover their world.  As the father of three young children, I am constantly amazed by their ability to have fun no matter where they are, to learn so quickly, and to brighten the day of everyone they meet.

In the same way, there is nothing more concerning than when children are neglected or mistreated.  When we hear about antisocial behavior, underage drinking, children doing drugs, and parental neglect, it should break our hearts.

Most people would agree that though children do make their own decisions and society as a whole has a responsibility to young people, the lion share of the work and responsibility for how our children turn out rests with the parents.

Parents should never expect the government, the schools, or anyone else to rear their children.  Parents should not blame their circumstances or environment for the outcome of their children.

And, though parenting is some of the hardest work there is, parents need to step up to the plate, stop making excuses, and get proactive in how they rear their children, because ultimately they are accountable.

If you are looking for good advice on how to rear your children, may I suggest the Bible as a guidebook, which includes our Creator’s instructions on how to rear our children.

It would be tragic to get busy trying to save the plant and everything else that we lose our greatest resource – our God-given children.

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